Manual Delegation

Install SFA

In order to delegate your credentials to the OneLab portal, you need to install SFA tools.

[Requirement: python 2.7 or higher]

For Mac and Linux

$ sudo easy_install pip
$ sudo pip install sfa

For Windows

Please download

$ python
$ pip install sfa

To get more information about pip, please visit:

More details about SFA is available at the following address: Installing SFA

Configuring SFA

Once SFA tools are successfully installed, you need to configure the SFA client aka SFI

$ mkdir ~/.sfi
$ cd ~/.sfi
$ cp ~/.ssh/id_rsa ~/.sfi/user-hrn.pkey

Here, 'user-hrn' is your SFA hrn. If e.g., your OneLab account email is mohammed-yasin.rahman at, then your user-hrn is 'onelab.upmc.mohammed-yasin_rahman'.

In this example, a user-hrn is built using the root authority i.e, 'onelab' followed by a '.' then the sub authority i.e., 'upmc' followed by a '.' and then the last fragment in the hrn is made of the local part of your email adress i.e., 'mohammed-yasin_rahman' (with dots replaced with underscores).

Next, you will setup your ~/.sfi/sfi_config. The following represents the sfi_config file for a OneLab user:

auth = onelab.upmc
user = onelab.upmc.mohammed-yasin_rahman
registry =
sm =

Here again, 'user' is your user-hrn, and 'auth' is the authority that you belong to, in most cases you should just drop the last part of your hrn.

Add the the following to sfi_config for delegating credentials to OneLab portal:


backend =
delegate = onelab.myslice
platform = myslice
username =

Test the SFA layer:

$ version

And finally delegate your credentials to the portal

$ myslice

The complete tutorial is available at the following address: