customer support

  • Experimentation

    Experimentation in networked communication testbeds can be complex. There is much to understand: each platform's hardware capabilities, how the available software environments be configured and loaded onto a platform, the many features of available experiment control tools, etc. At OneLab, we have a skilled team that is happy to assist you throughout your experimentation cycle.

  • OneLab offers assistance in using its testbeds

    For all users - academic and industrial

    We provide you with online tutorials, documentation, and invitations to hands-on workshops and community events. At these events, you will be able to test out the portal with our technical specialists, hear other experimenters provide feedback on their user experiences, and talk with the platform and tool developers about their research and work.

    SMEs & other industrial users

    We can accompany you through the entire process of designing, running, and processing your experiment. We offer help during any or all steps of experimentation. We work with you to understand the feasbility of your initial experiment and help to design, develop and implement tests on our platforms. We will also assist you with gathering and interpreting results

  • We provide tools that make it easy to use these environments:

    An account on a single portal through which you can access any of these sytems. If you repeat your testing in more than one environment, there is no new account to open, no new system to learn. The resources from all of our platforms are displayed in your web browser, and you may filter results according to specific sites, locations, and node type. A set of highly capable experiment control tools. These are free open-source tools designed around a set of interfaces that are being adopted worldwide, meaning that these tools are evolving to meet the needs of an ever-growing community of experimenters, and can be tailored, if needed, for particular requirements