Frequently asked questions

  • Users

    • Who is a user?

      A user is an experimenter who registers to the OneLab portal and able to use all of the facilities that the portal has to offer. However, a user does not have the right to do any admin operation such as managing slices, users and resources.

    • How do I register?

      In order to register you must go to the Registration page. You must choose your corresponding institution (authority). Next you receive an email to confirm your address. Next you will have to wait until we validate your account, you will be informed by email when it's done.

    • Why can't I register with my email?

      If you have already registered then you won't be able to register again with the same email address. However, if you have never registered and still you are not able to use your email then please contact us at

    • In the "My keys" option under registration, what should I choose?

      You may choose one of the two options.

      1. Generate Key Pairs: This option is for users who have no knowledge about SFA and MySlice i.e., new users. We offer convenience to the new users in order to avoid additional efforts to delegate keys manually. If you choose this option, the portal will automatically handle your credentials and you would be able use the portal as soon as your organization's manager validates your account. However, you can delete your private key from the portal if you are concerned about privacy issues. In this instance, once your current credentials expire, you will have to delegate your credentials manually using SFA. As this needs advance knowledge about SFA and Myslice, we highly recommend to the new users to keep both private and public keys in the portal in order to keep the process automatic.

      2. Upload My Public Key: This option is for users who have experience with MySlice and SFA. If you choose this option, once your organization's manager validates your account, you will have to delegate your credentials manually using SFA. You have will to repeat this same process every time your credentials expire. Credentials must generally be renewed every 30 days. You can see the expiration date in your Account page.

    • I just registered. Why can't I see any projects and resources?

      Once you register, you can login to your account with limited access. It means that you can view your account details, modify your name and password. You can also view other pages. However, you will not be able to see any slices as well as resources before your account validation. But you can Request Slice before being validated. In this instance, your organization's manager will validate your account as well as your requested slice. Once validated, you will be able to see your slice. If you click on your slice, you will be able to see the resources in that slice and you can reserve nodes and start your experiment.

    • I forgot my password, how to recover it?

      If you have an account in the portal but you forgot the password, you can always Reset your password.

  • PlanetLab Europe Users
    • Should I use the OneLab portal for my PlanetLab reservations?

      For the time being, we recommend that you continue to use the PlanetLab Europe portal for reserving nodes on the worldwide PlanetLab system. We are working to provide you with an equally good PlanetLab experience through the OneLab portal, and we will invite you to help us beta-test this feature as soon as it is available. Other users, who do not have PlanetLab Europe accounts, currently have limited access to PlanetLab Europe through the OneLab portal. This is not the same as the full access that you currently enjoy through your PlanetLab Europe account.

  • Testbeds